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Monday, June 6, 2016

A Little Makeover to Spruce Things Up...

As you may have noticed, I'm not much for change.

Maybe, I'm just getting old but, at this point of my life, I like things the way they used to be, which in many cases is the way I think they should be; simple, pure, orderly and unencumbered (except, maybe, for my side of the room until recently, when I was forced to clear it for some repair work!).

Happy Days
I have a thing for nostalgia, circa late 1940's and 50's, on the heals of what Tom Brokaw coined, "The Greatest Generation," when America was recovering from the uncertainties of the depression and war and people were more focused on faith, family and country. (I loved Happy Days)

It was a time when kids idolized Stan "The Man" Musial, Ted Williams, Frank Gifford and Yogi Berra.  Men owned their own businesses, like Howard Cunningham, or loyally worked in mom and pop stores, instead of in the corporate world, for years on end, to support, in many cases, large families.  While, at the risk of alienating some feminist readers, women stayed at home, raised their children (the most important job we have as parents), tended to the household and volunteered (ala Mrs. C).

So, as you can imagine, I am a creature of habit that likes routines, certainty, schedules and stability. For example, I've been with the same bank since I first opened an account when I was about 17 (about 35 years!), even though it was bought out and changed names twice.  I've had the same car insurance company for 25 years and, if not for liking the Jamie Lee Curtis commercials, which made me switch to VoiceStream, that later became T-Mobile, I would have remained with AT&T, where I went back to several years ago because of my wife's family plan, from the start.  Let's just say, companies love me!

To top it off, although I have advanced greatly over the last five years or so, I am also somewhat technologically challenged, which is probably not a good trait for a blogger and could explain my fondness of simpler times, when we didn't have to worry about emails 24/7 (and bosses expecting us to answer!), page views or tweets and likes on social media.  Then again, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing now (blogging!).  And, I will say, I do like the Cozi app that my wife introduced to me that keeps our family schedules in order!

In any case, all this was to set up that I hope you weren't as attached to the previous blog page design, as I am to those Happy Days.

After several years of the light lime color, I decided to make a change.  Aside from changing the color scheme, I widened the blog text, made the letters bigger (so it's easier to read), placed columns on both sides, and, as you may have noticed earlier, after much insistence from my wife to try to monetize , added some ads.  (She's the business brain in the family; having a translations company, being a Zumba instructor, a Beachbody coach and a realtor!)

What do you think?…


Anonymous said...

Carlos, yes it is easy to be nostalgic for a simpler, more innocent and honest time. I do remember a program like Gilligan’s Island that might seem silly now being funny. Things have gotten too raw and in your face. Loyalty to a company or a business was a two way street, now profit and personal gain take priority. It was enjoyable reading your post. Stay True.

Carlos Espinosa said...

Thanks, Jose.
I often record old TV shows for my kids, like The Brady Bunch, which was all about family values.
It's true about loyalty being a two-way street. We've gone through several management changes in my department and, as I get older, I sometimes wonder when one of those changes is going to usher in some changes to the editorial team, since now it's not about the people but the bottom line!