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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Get in the Fight!...

"Better fight against the light, if you won't fight against the darkness, but at least fight.  Care.  Fight for the wrong side if you can't fight for the right side, but don't stand on the sidelines and sneer at the game.  Have blood in your veins, not tepid water."

-- Peter Kreeft, from Jacob's Ladder.  Kreeft is a philosophy professor at Boston College and The King's College in New York.  He has authored over 75 books, is a husband (one wife), father of four, grandfather of five, and public speaker.  He was a Calvinist, who regarded the Catholic Church "with the upmost suspicion" but when asked by a professor to investigate the claims of the Church to be the one founded by Jesus Christ, he was persuaded by the writings of the early Christians.  He applied to the Church the C.S. Lewis trilemma on Jesus, either He was a liar, a lunatic, or the Lord (either the Church was "the most arrogant, blasphemous and wicked claim imaginable, if it is not true, or else that she is just what she claims to be.") and was convinced by the latter.  He converted in the late '90's, well after being established as one of the most respected Christian writers of modern times.

Check out his conversion story here.

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