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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Matthew Kelly, the Dynamic Catholic...

Last week, I got a chance to spend part of the day listening to Catholic author and gifted speaker, Matthew Kelly, with my wife and about 750 faithful, both young and old, at an event sponsored by St. Augustine Catholic Church in Coral Gables and the University of Miami's Catholic students outreach ministry.  While I won't get into the details of his talks, which was mostly about how we can become dynamic Catholics that go out change the world, like the original Catholics did in the first century, I wanted to share some quotes to ponder:

"When we say 'yes' to stuff that we shouldn't, we miss out on stuff that God created us to say 'yes' to."

"Clarity emerges from silence.  Once we're in silence, we begin to hear the voice of God."

"Needs are primary.  Wants are secondary.  We live in a culture that is obsessed with the want but it's never enough because you simply can't get enough of what you don't really need."      

"As Catholics, we have forgotten our story and we're letting the anti-Catholic media tell our story."

"Catholic education in the United States saves tax payers over $18 billion each year and the Church contributes over $60 billion in food for the needy; regardless of their faith, race or ethnicity."

"Over one million kids get confirmed in the Catholic Church each year.  Eighty-five percent of them leave the Church within seven years."

"Part of the problem is that most of us think we're pretty good Christians... as compared to what?  That is the sin of comparison.  Measure your life against the Gospel."

"We don't read the Bible because we know the Gospel has the power to transform our lives.  We don't mind a little tweaking but we don't really want to transform our lives!"

"Athletes are training right now and waking up at 4:30a every morning to train for the 2024 Olympics, for a competition that may not last 10 seconds.  Now, that's commitment."

"As a nation and as Catholics, we are deeply committed to mediocrity because we don't see things as they really are, especially ourselves."

"Our lives change when our habits change."

"Every relationship improves when we start to listen."

"Less than seven percent of Catholics in the pews contribute over 80% of the funds to support the parish and perform over 90% of the services."

"We are made for happiness but we can never find it because we have a God-size hole that is so big, only God can fill it."

"How did the first Christians change the world?  They lived differently.  They loved differently and they worked differently.  Modern Catholics just blend in."

"If we actually lived what we believe, we would work differently because our work is our gift to God."

"To be anti-Catholic is the only acceptable prejudice in the United States."

"The biggest lie we tell ourselves is that holiness is not possible.  Ninety percent of Christians are neutralized by this lie and so we're destined for mediocrity." 

"If you can create one holy moment in one day, holiness is attainable.  Holiness is replicable."

"Don't be afraid of the deep water.  We need some depth in our lives."

Kelly, an Australian-born internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, author and business consultant for several Fortune 500 companies, has dedicated his life to helping people and organizations become the better versions of themselves.  In recent years, he has been committed to helping the Catholic Church in America regain it's prominence one parishioner and one parish at a time through The Dynamic Catholic Institute.  He has written over 15 books, several of which have become New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today best sellers...

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