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Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Day in the Life; Like Mike, Well Almost...

Real Gatorade or beer?
A popular Gatorade commercial in the 90's highlighted NBA legend Michael Jordan, as a catchy song played in the background, while images interlaced of Jordan and kids frolicking on a basketball court, that said, "Like Mike.  If I could be like Mike. I want to be like Mike."

Well, my seven-year-old son has never seen that commercial and doesn't even know who Michael Jordan is (Sad, isn't it?).  So, last weekend, he announced at a Hooter's restaurant, where we had gone to lunch so I could catch a little of the Redskins game (I know they suck but I still root for the sorry saps!), while my wife and daughters went for a quick stop at a beauty salon in the same mall, that he wanted to be... get this, not like Mike, but like Dad (aka, me!).  However, instead of having the moves and playing like arguably the greatest basketball player that ever lived, he was talking about drinking beer and whiskey!  No kidding, he said that. 

Of course, we all laughed but seconds later, the waitress shows up to take our drink orders and he orders a beer!  We all started laughing again but he wasn't kidding.  The waitress played along.  "What kind would you like?" she asked him.  He responded, "What kind do you have?" as if he had done this before!  She went on the say several beers and he answered, "I'll have a Corona Light."  He was serious!

In fact, about as serious as the time last week when he asked me for wine, as I was pouring a glass for myself at home, and gave it to him and saying, "This is for you."  He said with a surprised look on his face, "Really?" and took the wine glass, went to the living room and told his mom and sisters that Dad had given him wine, as he proceeded to take a small sip before I took it away from him.  He was like, "Why did you take it away?"  He really thought it was his.

In any case, going back to the Hooter's story, he was very disappointed when the waitress brought him lemonade and I said it was a Corona Extra Light.  He wasn't amused!

I may have to rethink the example I'm setting and, maybe even, have to have that man to man talk with him soon...


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