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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Day in the Life; Conversations with My Son...

On my way home from work one night this week, I call home and my seven-year-old son answers the phone.  After a short greeting, we have this exchange.
"What are you doing, buddy?"  
"Playing on the computer."
"Mommy let you play on the computer again?" I ask. 
"Mommy let's you play on the computer a lot doesn't she?"
"Yes.  She's a LETer."
"A what?"
"A LET-er," he said slowly.
I start laughing, "A LETer?  And, how about Daddy?  What am I?"
Without skipping a beat, he answers, "You're a Not-So-LETer!"
What more could I say?  I couldn't stop laughing all the way home...

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