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Friday, May 23, 2014

Did Somebody Say Zumba?...

Looks like fun but I don't have baggy dance pants...
A friend of mine once told me that I had a funny perspective on life and I told him that, it wasn't that I had such a funny perspective, it was that I lived a funny life.

Case in point was several months ago when our modest Coral Gables Old Spanish style house went from an average young Cuban-American household, with lots of love, faith, joy, food and yelling (did I mention we were Cuban?) to a private dance studio with dancers (aka my wife, younger daughter and sometimes even my son, yikes!) gyrating hips and shoulders, leg kicks and stretches, funky baggy pants and Pitbull and company on speakers in the background!   

As some of you may know, my wife is a bit of an overachiever.  She not only works full-time as a personal assistance to a lawyer, runs marathons and competes in Super Spartan races, but she is a part-time realtor, operates her own translation company, sells Avon on the side, chairs our kids' school's yearly fund-raising gala and is a wife and mom.  And, if that wasn't enough, she decided to become a Zumba instructor on a whim! (Kind of makes you wonder why she gets so upset when I'm sitting on the couch doing nothing, right?)   

Well, as it turns out, our daughters' dance teacher was looking for someone to teach a Zumba class and my wife volunteered; despite never having taught one before!  She's started several days later.

So, as I sat there on a Saturday afternoon, trying to meditate and getting mentally prepared to lector at a Vigil Mass (I'm like an old Luke Skywalker that needs deep focus to find "The Force"), she was in our living room with the my younger daughter dancing, selecting music and choreographing steps for her first class. (Our older daughter, like me, wants nothing to do with it!)

Since then, life has never been the same.  She got licensed and certified, has been teaching several times per week, including private classes with some of the school moms, and our living room, dining room and kitchen are where the cumbia, salsa, merengue and reggaeton magic happen, as she prepares. (It's like living with my personal fly-girl, "Yani from the Block") 

So, it's not that I'm trying to be funny when I tell my friends stories or write blogs about my life, it's that life at the Espinosas can be quite amusing at times!...

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