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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

God is Dead? Answering the New Atheists...

For several years, there has been a systematic effort by a group calling itself, "The Four Horsemen of New Atheism," after the characters in the Apocalypse, to eliminate God from all aspects of American life.

Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, and, until his death earlier this year, Christopher Hitchens set out on an aggressive in-your-face campaign of writing books, launching billboard and bus advertisement campaigns, especially during Christmas, and making the rounds on radio and TV shows to get their word out (excuse the pun) that there is no God and that belief and faith, especially Christianity (with a special disdain for the Catholic Church and those who excelled in living their faith, like Mother Theresa), were blinding themselves and intellectually lacking.

You may have of heard of some of their books, like The God Delusion by Dawkins and God is Not Great; How Religion Poisons Everything by Hitchens, which became New York Times best sellers and gave legitimacy to this "New Atheism" movement, which sought to extend outside of the philosophical and theological realms that previous Atheists concentrated on and focused on an overtly mainstream assault, including targeting wider audiences, like the children's fantasy book series turned Hollywood movie, The Golden Compass, written by well-known British Atheist, Philip Pulman, who once admitted in an interview, "My books are about killing God."

Despite having minimal impact on believers per se, in fact, according to the most recent Pew Study on Religion, more people consider themselves believers and, particularly, Christians, in the United States than at any time in history, it has had an affect on the younger generation, which has shown an increase in Atheism and agnosticism, and even in the way God-fearing people think about what truth is.

Moreover, combined with the growing influence of secularism on societal and cultural values, the New Atheists have contributed to this "watering down" of faith and religion, to the point where some Christians reject organized religion wholeheartedly, and have accepted the secular viewpoint that religion is a "personal thing," which should be kept in churches, temples and private homes.

In addition, in recent times, there have been widely accepted arguments against religion, even among some friends on Facebook, such as religion is the greatest cause of war and strife in the world (especially considering the radical movements in some parts of the world today), or that religion is irrational or opposed to science.

Several months ago, Fr. Claude "Dusty" Burns, who goes by the "stage name" of Fr. Pontifex on YouTube helped produce this well made video that basically answers all those who believe, or are influenced by, as 19th Century Atheist philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once famously proclaimed, "God is dead."

But, as Fr. Pontifex makes clear, "It takes a lot more faith to be an atheist than a Christian."...

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