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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Dog Bite, Que Pasa USA and the Summer Olympics…

Pretty scary night...
We had quite a scare last Friday night.

We were heading to grab a quick dinner, before going back home to watch the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics and, on our way, stopped for a minute at my wife’s aunt’s house to say goodbye to her cousin and her kids, who were here on vacation but were heading home to Virginia the next day.

Well, our night turned almost as frightening as the opening ceremonies. My soon to be five-year-old son went to say goodbye to their dog (a Cocker/ Springer Spaniel mix) and the dog snapped at him, biting him in the face.

The dog’s teeth caught him just below the right eye (thanks to God it missed) down to the upper lip. One of the canines actually punctured the skin just above the lip and went through into his mouth, drawing blood.

Needless to say, the happy farewell turned into a scene from Que Pasa USA. It was mayhem; blood, people scrambling in all directions, hysterical crying (and that doesn’t include my son), my seven-year-old daughter freaking out, concerns about blood dripping on shirts (me!), ice packs, gauzes, etc. All that was missing was a fight breaking out between Abuela and Carmensita.

We had to rush to Miami Children’s Hospital, where we spent the next three and a half hours watching the opening ceremonies in the emergency room and, later, the room, where my son was treated (which, aside from the skit of the Queen jumping from an airplane with James Bond and Sir Paul’s appearance, were as dreary as our night!). Fun times!

On the bright side, the ER doctors told us that, as far as dog bites go, this was one of the more moderate ones that they have seen in recent months.

By the time we left the hospital, we were all starving and ended up having dinner at a Latin America Restaurant at about 11pm at night. Strangely, despite getting there at that time of the night with three kids, nobody even raised an eyebrow. I guess there are a lot of us irresponsible parents in Miami!

Anyway, fortunately, after the initial shock wore down, it doesn't appear that my son suffered any lasting effects from the bite. Aside from wanting us to tell everyone at the restaurant that he had been bitten by a dog and survived! (Battle-scar-pride even so young!), all he kept saying was that Ringo was a "bad boy." (The dog, not the Beetle but I'm sure, at times, he can be too!)

My biggest concern was that it would make him afraid of dogs, which he loves, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Sunday night, as we watched a commercial with a dog during the Olympics, he asked when we were getting a new dog (our dogs died a couple of years ago); so, much for lasting effects.

It is also amazing how fast a child’s skin regenerates. Four days later, between the oral antibiotics and a topical cream, the wounds are healing incredibly well and, aside from what looks like a light scratch on his face and minor swelling, you can hardly tell.

Thank you, God...

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