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Monday, April 2, 2012

Communist Cuba to Observe Good Friday...

Following my last blog, Cuba’s Communist government has agreed to observe Good Friday as a National Holiday, as part of an agreement made with Pope Benedict XVI.

EWTN News reports:

In response to Pope Benedict XVI’s specific request to Cuban President Raúl Castro, the Cuban government has announced that this coming Good Friday will be a one-time national holiday.

The government’s short statement, published March 31 in the official newspaper, Granma, said that the Pope requested the holiday declaration “in honor of the religious celebrations that take place on the occasion of the passion and death of Jesus of Nazareth.”

Minutes before the Pope’s departure from Cuba on March 28, President Raúl Castro told the Pope of his desire to declare Friday, April 6, a holiday “as an exception, and in consideration to His Holiness and the happy results of this transcendental visit to our country.”

However, authorities will decide in the future whether the holiday will become permanent.

Leaders of the Cuban Revolution suppressed all religious holidays following the island country’s 1959 communist takeover.

The Christmas holiday was reinstated in 1998 after Pope John Paul II’s specific request to then-President Fidel Castro during the Pontiff’s historic visit to Cuba.

Pope greeted by children in Cuba...
Obviously, everything in Cuba is tenuous and after more than 50 years of scorning religion, the average Cuban, who grew up under the revolution, may be confused as to the meaning of Good Friday, but if there was any momentum gained from Pope Benedict’s visit last week, which in effect creates openings for other Christian denominations and religions, this may be a great opportunity for the Church to start fanning the spark that has been set.
Now, if the Church is able to gain a footing in education, and be allowed to open Catholic schools, as the pope made reference to in his Havana homily, the spark could turn to flames.

We can only hope…

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