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Monday, January 2, 2012

An Inauspicious Ending to 2011...

Alright, so one of the drawbacks about having two wedding anniversaries each year (civil and Catholic) is that keeping track is not always easy (at least for me!).

In the midst of Advent, Christmas, my brother’s visit and New Year’s, I totally forgot my Fourth Catholic Wedding Anniversary (Dec. 29th).

For those that don’t know, my wife and I got married in a civil wedding in March 1998 but, after my reversion to the faith (I never left, I just wandered for several decades!), we decided to convalidate our marriage vows in full communion with the Church in December 2007, which was also the day that our son was baptized.

Anyway, after getting up early and while busy blogging Thursday morning, my wife sneaks up on me with a hug, a kiss and hands me a gift, "Happy Anniversary."

All I had for her was a return hug and kiss. I had completely forgotten; to the extent that it hadn't even crossed my mind.  Ouch!

"Happy Anniversary," I offered.  Then, as one of my children would say when asked if they brushed their teeth before going to bed, I admitted, "I totally forgot."  

Fortunately, she took it well (at least externally).  I am married to a very loving and understanding wife (compliments for her to read intended!).

Considering that for a second year in a row, I got her medium sizes instead of small for Christmas, let's just say, 2011 didn't end on a roaring note.

Then again, from a glass half full perspective, since I have two wedding anniversaries, there's another chance to make it up to her in three months.  I'll keep you posted..

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