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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving in Line at Best Buy...

You Gotta be Kidding!  Talk about what is wrong with this country.

Occupy Best Buy?
Check this out; several people, including men, women and children (a baby) are already waiting in line and have set up overnight tents, as of today, Wednesday (although, one guy claims to be set up since yesterday) at the Best Buy on Bird Road in Miami, in hopes of getting cheap stuff on Friday!  Do these people have a life?

In other words, instead, of enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday around the dining room table with family and friends, thanking God and making memories that their children will cherish for a lifetime, they would rather be in line to buy the latest flat screen TV at a bargain basement price.

This is unreal.  I guess, for some, materialism trumps God and family.

We definitely have lost our priorities...

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