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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Toddler Hit by Truck and Ignored Sheds Light on China's Moral Dilemma...

The video, which has made international news in recent days, is disturbing.

It shows the image of a two-year-old little girl walking into a busy alleyway near a marketplace in Guangzhou, China.

As the little girl is walking and looking back, a truck approaches her and, without the girl ever seeing it, plows her over.  The driver apparently notices he hit something, which is a bit incredible he could have missed her in the first place, considering she was in the middle of the road and it was a well lit area.

In any event, after going over the girl's chest with the right front wheel, and the girl is lying face up underneath the truck, instead of getting out and checking, the driver keeps going, running the girl over again with the back right wheel and leaving the scene.

The image is horrific and, as a father, I’ll admit, it broke my heart to watch. However, what happens next is just as disconcerting.

As the girl is lying there like an animal hit by a car, as many as 18 people walk or pass by her and nobody bothers to stop and help.

First a pedestrian walks by, then another, then a man on a motorcycle that looks directly at her and goes around her, then a woman with two kids on either hand, who seems to cross into the other side of the road to avoid her as well (reminiscent of the priest and the Levite in the story of the Good Samaritan). It was surreal.

It gets worse, while the baby girl, whose name is Wang Yue is lying there helpless, at first eerily still, then she moves her upper body slightly, another truck approaches and runs over the girl's legs again. That driver also keeps going.

Wang Yue, who is affectionately called Yue-yue, apparently wandered away from her father’s business nearby to look for her brother.  As people keep passing by, she lays motionless in a pool of her own blood, apparently unconscious, until a 58-year-old woman, who is scavenging the garbage nearby, notices her and drags her limp body, which at that point terrifyingly looks like a rag doll, into safety before the girl's mother arrives.

It is probably one of the most heart wrenching footages I have ever seen in my 23 years of working in television news. In fact, I decided the video, caught by a surveillance camera, is too gruesome and graphic to put on this blog.

How can it be that so many passersby saw a helpless little girl hurt and bleeding, by the side of the road, and didn’t stop to help?

It is a question that is haunting the entire nation of China, as the video has gone viral and the social media has gone into overdrive with outrage.

CNN reports that Sina Weibo, China's equivalent to Twitter, has generated over 4.5 million posts on the incident since it first happened last Thursday.

On the heels of this tragedy, many articles around the world have put into question China’s moral decay  and even government officials have voiced concerns about what this says about its culture.
It’s a disturbing dilemma.
It is a dilemma that many Communist societies eventually face. Let’s remember, the People’s Republic of China waged a war on God and believers, to the point where priests and clergy were buried alive and persecuted, and religion outlawed.

When there is no God, what is the measure of morality? What is the measure of right or wrong for that matter? Is it up to society to determine? How about in cases like China, which suppresses individual freedoms, is the state the sole arbiter of right and wrong and of just and unjust?

In fact, it is China’s own Ministry of Health who, in guidelines released last month, urged its citizens not to help if an elderly person fell in the street. The reasoning being that it might interfere with emergency responders.

So, we can see that the incident with Yue-yue is indicative of a greater scale malaise in Chinese society. An entire generation has lived without God or religion as moral guidance.

Moreover, in China’s one-child per family law, human life has been devalued (at least female life). Last year, The Economist wrote that over 100 million girls have been aborted, as a result of that policy (read more here).

Yet, despite continued government persecution, suppression and harassment, in which the government has even intervened in Catholic Church ecclesiastical affairs by naming their own government-approved bishops, circumventing the Pope’s authority, the country boasts one of the fastest growing Christian communities in the world.

We are all born with a God-given conscious to help us determine right from wrong and good from evil.  Christians would say, it is written in our heart.  It is why most people know without even being told that this story is an aberration.  But, if our consciouses are distorted by an overpowering ideology, such as in China, then we can see the results.

Despite the appalling and gruesome realities of this event, the Chinese have rallied for Yue-yue, who remains on life support in a coma and may have suffered permanent brain damage.

People are flooding to the hospital to show their support for her mother, a “stop the apathy” campaign has been launched over the social media, the woman who rescued her has become a national hero and millions around the world are praying for her recovery. The incident has also shed international light on the moral condition of living without God.

It’s amazing how God can bring good out of something so evil…

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