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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Trying to Find Justice in Caylee's Murder…

Caylee Anthony
There’s no doubt that Casey Anthony’s behavior in the aftermath of her daughter, Caylee’s, disappearance leaves a lot to be desired.

Most parents would tell you that if their child was missing, their reaction would be complete hysteria and desperation. Being a father of three small children myself, including one who is still a toddler, I couldn’t imagine the sorrow and anguish that would overcome me if one of them was missing.

Instead, the young mother was seen living it up in night clubs with friends, tattooing the words Bella Vita (Beautiful Life) on her back, and moving in with her boyfriend on the night that she was last seen leaving her parents’ house with Caylee. It’s not exactly Mother-of-the-Year behavior.

Just that alone was enough for many people, including myself, to conclude, Casey was guilty as charged, of murdering her daughter, whether premeditated or not.  It just didn't make sense (still doesn't).

Justice had to be served for the tragic ending of such an innocent life. A child that was snuffed out at the tender age of two and whose skeletal remains were found stuffed in plastic garbage bags in a wooded area near her home.

I’m not a legal expert, or pretend to be, and only followed the trial through the media, but as I understand, besides Casey’s partying (which if you think about it, is unfortunately indicative of a greater malaise plaguing our society today.  How many mothers silently "choose" to kill their children legally in clinics across the US, so they can continue enjoying their lives as they see fit?), there was the smell of “death” in the trunk of her car, the Internet searches for how to break a neck and chloroform, which was found in high levels in the trunk of the car, the duct tape found on the remains, the numerous lies Casey concocted about Caylee’s whereabouts, a job she never had, and a rich boyfriend, and, probably most incriminating, her failure to report her daughter’s disappearance until a month after the fact.

Happier Times for Casey and Caylee
Yet, there was no forensic evidence linking Casey to the murder, no definite motive, except those prompted by her erratic post-disappearance comportment, and no concrete proof as to how the baby girl was murdered, where she was murdered or how the body got to the wooded area, where it was found. 

Even so, despite all the Monday morning quarterbacking, other juries have convicted defendants with less evidence.  When the “not guilty” verdict came in, there was disbelief in the newsroom I work in. Some co-workers, who were much more absorbed in the trial than me, were totally flabbergasted, not just by Casey being found “not guilty” of first degree murder, but of manslaughter and child abuse as well.

Foul cried many of my Facebook friends.

"I can't believe it," was a common reaction.

"Another O.J. verdict," one friend stated.

While another commented, "Clearly getting away with murder."

Everyone had an opinion and, with a few exceptions, most expressed that justice was thwarted.

After a three years in jail, six weeks of trial and eleven hours of jury deliberations, Casey Anthony may be walking away scot-free! But, is she really? Will she ever live this down? Will she ever move on with her life, and put Caylee’s death behind her? (I'm sure some would argue, at least she is alive and, like O.J., not to compare the case but just for reference, she can relocate to another part of the country and at least try to start over and have more children as recently revealed in a letter she wrote)  Or, will she forever be marked as a pariah?  And, more importantly, will justice for Caylee ever be served?

While the pundits continue to argue about why the twelve member jury ruled as it did, after all is said and done, we can only certainly know that a beautiful little girl, who loved her mother dearly, is dead, her killer will probably never serve time for the murder, and a family, regardless of how dysfunctional they may or may not be, and community, who embraced Caylee as their own, are scarred forever.  

Justice in this case, may only be found in the hands of the ultimate Judge and, regardless of Casey's sentence, judgement will be served. As Christ says in the Gospel of Matthew, "Just as you did to the least of these, you did to me."

Having that said, I am not the judge and whether I still think she is guilty of her daughter's death, in some way, is irrelevant.  There should be plenty of time for repentance.  May God have mercy on Caylee, Casey and all involved…


Anonymous said...

Caylee's Law, contact your Senator and Representative: there should be a new federal law created called Caylee's Law that will make it a federal offense for a parent or guardian to not notify law enforcement of a child going missing in a timely manner. Let's keep another case like Caylee Anthony out of the courts.
Find Caylee's Law petition here @

AKA Pebbles. said...

If Casey Anthony did not murder Caylee, then who did?