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Monday, June 27, 2011

Friars Lift the Lord's Name (and Body) Up High...

Talk about soapbox street corner preaching…

You may be familiar with flash mob videos of people unexpectedly breaking into song and dance in public shopping centers, streets and parks. But, this one has a different twist.

In a video that is making its rounds through cyberspace since being introduced on You Tube last week, a group of Capuchin Franciscan Monks in Lancashire, United Kingdom, hit the public square to, what they called "lift the city," with the ultimate flash mob; the Body of Christ!

After the initial shock and confusion, some busy shoppers decide to kneel and join in the adoration, while others continue about their way and regular routine.

By the end, participants and many spectators break into applause…

Kudos to Creative Minority Report for catching this.

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