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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A God of Second Chances and More...

It is often said that there is no sin that we can commit that is greater than God’s love for us.

In fact, if there is one thing that I learned over the past five years, since my reversion to the Church, is that God is a God of Mercy, Forgiveness, and Love. All He asks is that I repent, and like the Prodigal Son, start walking back to The Father.

Recently, I was watching my favorite TV show, EWTN’s The Journey Home, and they played a commercial, produced by Catholics Come Home.Org, that has run with great success in different archdioceses around the United States.  It is a moving message of hope and God's Mercy.

Although, I have seen the commercial many times before, thinking about it in the context of Lent, our continuous call for conversion and today’s Gospel, where Jesus tells His disciples that to follow Him, they (we) must take up our cross daily, it really hit home (no pun intended).

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