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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Victims of Samali Pirates Were Distributing Bibles...

Scott and Jean Adam
The California couple, who along with two others, were held hostage and then shot dead by Somali pirates, was trying to make a difference in the world by distributing Bibles to remote areas around the globe, their pastor told the Catholic News Agency.

Scott and Jean Adam, of Marina del Rey, California, and friends, Phyllis Macay and Bob Riggle of Seattle, were hijacked by Somali pirates off the coast of Oman, when their 58-foot yacht, the Quest, got separated from a fleet traveling from Australia to the Mediterranean.

U.S. naval warships were tailing the vessel as Navy officials tried to negotiate with the captors when gunfire broke out aboard the Quest Tuesday morning.

Msgr. Lloyd Torgerson, the pastor of St. Monica Catholic Community Church, where the Adams were parishioners, said the couple was involved in an evangelization ministry that would distribute Bibles.

“Our community believes in helping to form loving disciples who will transform this world,” he explained. Sharing Bibles was the Adams’ way of doing that during the sailing trip they began in 2004.

Msgr. Torgerson said the Adams’ deaths made him feel “great great, loss” and “great pain.”

“They were faith-filled people, people of the Scripture, people of the Eucharist. They were great people of our community,” he told CNA.

Jean, who was a retired dentist and a mother of two, sang in the church choir.

The priest cited St. Paul’s words in the daily readings about receiving the “unfaded crown of glory.”

“They won the crown. I believe with all my heart they are with God today,” he continued, calling eternal life “the gift and blessing of faithful people.”

“I hope that the four of them find that great peace,” he added, urging an end to violence.

In their 2011 travels, the Adams visited Phuket, Thailand; Galle, Sri Lanka; and Cochin, India. They passed out Catholic Bibles from the American Bible Society and New International Version Bibles from the International Bible Society.

On their website they spoke of finding “homes” for their Bibles as a part of “friendship evangelism.”
Two pirates were killed during a shootout with U.S. forces and 17 others were captured.

The St. Monica parish has held several Masses for the dead and their families and will continue throughout the week.

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