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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Moment in Time with My Son and St. Joe...

St. Joseph with the infant Jesus by Guido Reni
On a recent Saturday morning, I woke up earlier than the rest of my family (not unusual) and went to the computer to do some reading (also not uncommon).

About an hour after being there, my 3-yr-old son comes around behind me without saying a word and cuddles up next to me and gestures with his arms so that I pick him up. I do so and sit him on my lap.

I wrapped my arms around him and held him in silence (he was still half asleep). As I sat there holding him, a thought crossed my mind about St. Joseph; the man entrusted by God to raise His Son. I realize, it may not be the thought that would cross most men. However, my thoughts were about how many times this humble and pious carpenter must have tenderly held Jesus in his arms as a child like I was holding my son?

Just being there...

I often beat myself up for failing to hold up my end as a husband and father. Several months ago, I was having a conversation with a good friend who told me, "Carlos, sometimes you can be a bit hard on yourself. Being a good father, at times, means just being there; day in and day out.  It's your wife and kids knowing that you are there and available whenever they need you."

As we sat there in silence, my son began to play with the crucifix around my neck.  Nothing was said. It was a moment in time of bonding between father and son.

Finally, he looked at me and smiled, "Do I have school today?"

"No," I answered, and his grin grew wider.

Yes... Just being there like St. Joseph, without the responsibility of raising the Son of God, but with the responsibility of raising a godly son.

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