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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An American Idol Worth Rooting For...

I’m not much into pop culture.

In fact, I avoid watching sitcoms, TV dramas (unless my brother or his fiancé are making an appearance) and particularly the awards shows. I guess it’s all the anti-God, anti-family, anti-Christian and, most particularly, anti-Catholic messages spewed on network TV on a regular basis. Maybe, in my mid-40’s, I have become a “fuddy-duddy.”

The point is that my normal TV viewing consists of sports, Catholic programs, news, selected cable programs, and, because of my wife, cooking and food shows (lots and lots of cooking and food shows).

However, despite my efforts to stay clear of the pop culture, there is one show that I can’t seem to shake every year; American Idol.

It seems they always reel me in with a feel good story that makes me root for a contestant and by the time the contestant gets eliminated, with the exception of Danny Gokey that made it into the final three, I'm already hooked (a sucker is born every day).

This season is no exception. Although, I have yet to watch last week’s first two shows, Fallible Blogma, found someone that makes me want to watch this year’s rendition of the reality talent show.

Her name is Paris Tassin, a Louisiana native who got pregnant at 18, a pregnancy she obviously wasn’t ready for. But, despite doctors telling her that the child she was carrying had an illness and her chances of surviving were poor and encouraged the young mother to have an abortion, Tussin had the strength to decide to keep her baby.

Today, with the exception of a hearing defect, her daughter is healthy and is her young mother’s inspiration.

"She's the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life and I'm very proud of her and I'm singing for her," an emotional Tassin says.

Tassin has some talent.  During her audition, she made judge Jennifer Lopez cry.

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