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Friday, November 5, 2010

High Tech Lingo Leaves My Head Spinning...

“In what format are files usually sent to us; M.O.V., A.V.I…?” He asked me nonchalantly and waited for my answer.

Say, what? My mind started racing; what the heck is he talking about?

“I know what a computer is.” I offered.  He didn't seem too amused.

I’m not the most technically inclined person that you will meet. In fact, aside from my newly acquired blogging prowess, I usually have to refer to my wife for just about anything that has to do with technology; whether internet, cell phone or anything else.

This morning, I was called into our Executive Producer's office at the television newsroom I work in, Noticias 23/Univision. She wanted my input on something.

I jokingly did the Sign of the Cross and bid farewell to the girls that work with me on the Assignment Desk and headed off. When I went in, I saw three M.I.S. computer-types and our Chief Engineer sitting on chairs encircling our EP’s desk.  The head of our M.I.S. Department was on speaker phone (by the way, what the heck is M.I.S.?).

Luckily, I was able to provide the information they wanted.

But, one of the guys asked me for more information than I was "qualified" to provide.  In other words, it went way over my head. 

Then, over the next 15 minutes I was overwhelmed in a flurry of exchanges between the three men, where I heard: Rosetta, Drop folder, Watch folder, I.C.M., P.R.X., C.P.U., Velocity, VizRT, Harris Servers and my personal favorite, F.T.P. (which always brings warm memories of the Naughty by Nature song, “Down wit O.P.P., yeah you know me.” Hey, I can get jiggy with it).

I felt like I was dropped in an episode of the Twilight Zone or, better yet, in a bad Chinese Kung Fu movie (without the English translation!). It was surreal.

I stood there in a daze until finally the EP noticed the blank stare in my face and gave me a reprieve, telling me I could go if I wanted.

Thank you! And T.G.I.F.

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