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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pulling for Texas for Right Reasons...

Up until last night, I wasn't very interested in the World Series.  My team was long gone and every other team I had some interest in also was knocked out.  I frankly didn't care less about the two teams left standing.  I was more interested in the Miami Heat than baseball (which continues to be my favorite sport).

Even so, I tuned in last night, more out of curiosity then anything else.  But, as the game developed, I found myself rooting for the underdog Rangers and the more I thought about it, the more it made sense.  By the end of the game, I was not only interested in the World Series, I was convinced about rooting for the Rangers.

These are the top 5 reasons why I am cheering for the Texas Rangers to win this year's World Series:

1-After the Mets (you may laugh, but they are still my favorite team), Phillies (despite being a Mets' rival, I was rooting for Mike Sweeney), Marlins (just cause they're the home team) and Yankees (although most Mets fans hate the Yankees, I moved to Miami too young to develop that animosity) were eliminated, the pickings were slim.

2-Josh Hamilton, who is one of the best stories in all of professional sports.  He was drafted as the Number One Pick in the nation out of high school in 1999 and received a $4 million signing bonus.  But, his career almost faltered before ever getting underway due to an addiction to drugs and alcohol.  After being suspended and repeatedly violating his suspension by testing positive for illegal drugs, Hamilton stopped playing baseball altogether for two years; from 2004 to 2006.  During that time off, He turned his life and career around after converting Christianity.  In fact, as this YouTube testimony indicates, Hamilton is not shy about sharing his conversion with others.  He returned to baseball in 2007 and today is considered one of the best players in Major League Baseball.

3-Jeff Francoeur, an ex-Met, who was traded to the Rangers towards the end of this season and despite his struggles in the Big Apple, was one of the best clubhouse influences on the team.  Francoeur is known as a great teammate, a hard worker and having a positive, never-give-up attitude. 

4-Nolan Ryan, one of the greatest pitchers of all-time, is now part owner of the Rangers.  Aside from his stellar playing career, Ryan is considered one of the true class acts in all of sports (not to mention, he is a staunch Conservative. Did you notice GW, a former Rangers owner, and Laura sitting next to Ryan and his wife, Ruth, in the stands?).

5-They make their home in an area (Arlington, TX) known for those who cling to their Bibles and guns, as opposed to making their home in an area (San Francisco, CA) that is at the forefront in trying to legalize marijuana and gay marriage and keeps reelecting Nancy Pelosi to Congress.

Need I say more?  (C'mon, admit it, if you weren't already rooting for the Rangers, Pelosi was the clincher in making you want to).

I could add that they have never won a World Series since the original Washington Senators moved to Arlington in 1971 and the fact that I played on a men's baseball team for more then ten years, that wore the Rangers' uniform and used their name, but I rather not have to come up with three other reasons to complete 10.

So, what team are you rooting for?

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