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Saturday, October 23, 2010

New York Times gives Archbishop Big Apple Blues...

New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan has had about enough with the anti-Catholic slant in The New York Times.

In his latest blog, Dolan writes that it seems the paper has a different set of standards when addressing Catholic matters, as oppose to say, the Jewish, Black, Islamic, or gay communities.

Dolan got upset at two recent rave reviews given by The New York Times on artist expressions disparaging Catholics.  One is a play that mocks the life of nuns and the other is an exibit by a homosexual rights group known for anti-Catholic attacks, which The Times stated is a "must see."  He writes:

This glowingly reviewed not-to-be missed “art” exhibit comes to us from Harvard, and is a display of posters from ACT UP. Remember them? They invaded of St. Patrick’s Cathedral to disrupt prayer, trampled on the Holy Eucharist, insulted Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger when he was here for a conference, and yelled four letter words while exposing themselves to families and children leaving Mass at the Cathedral. The man they most detested was Cardinal John O’Connor, who, by the way, spent many evenings caring quietly for AIDS patients, and, when everyone else ran from them, opened units for them at the Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center and St. Clare’s Hospital. Too bad for him. One of the posters in this “must see” exhibit is of Cardinal O’Connor, in the form of a condom, referred to as a “scumbag,” the “art” there in full view in the photograph above the gushing review in our city’s daily.

The paper, which spent months trying to establish a direct link between Pope Benedict XVI and the Church sex and cover-up scandal, and later failed to retract it after proven unsubstantiated, has apparently been on the Archbishop's crosshairs since being appointed head of the Archdiocese of New York early last year.

Dolan admits that he has yet to develop the thickness of skin needed in New York City.
I guess I’m still new enough here in New York City that the insults of The New York Times against the Church still bother me. I know I should get over it. As we say in Missouri, it’s like “spitting into a tornado.”

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