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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Creative Extremist on Mission to Save Lives...

22-yr-old Lila Rose may not be a household name (yet).  But, she is fast becoming one of the most influential pro-life figures in our country. 

President of a non-profit organization, Live Action, which she founded in her mid-teens, Rose has built a reputation for exposing Planned Parenthood, the nation's leading abortion provider (which by the way collects over $300 million tax payer dollars from the U.S. government each year), for unethical and misleading practices, including covering up sexual abuse and advising minors to lie so that they can have an abortion. (Many of her videos are on YouTube)

The UCLA student is unabashedly counter-cultural in her fight against legalized abortion (which since becoming legal in 1973 has claimed the life of over 50 million babies; an entire generation!) and is often asked to speak at universities, radio and TV programs, including a recent feature on CNN's Right on the Edge Documentary, about four young people, trying to make a difference in society.

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