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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Peter Hitchens and "The Rage Against God"

British political writer and commentator Peter Hitchens once followed his older brother’s example, renowned atheist Christopher Hitchens (who along with Richard Dawkins, is part of the “new atheists” group determined to take God out of modern society, with special emphasis on Europe and the United States).

However, somewhere along the line, as Fr. Robert Barron explains in the following commentary (see below), Peter Hitchens understood the realities of a God-less society while covering the fall of Communism in the Soviet Union. There, Hitchens came to the realization that what the Communists had put into practice, by rooting out religion from every aspect of society, and its consequential effects on morality, is similar to the arguments offered by the “new atheists.”

Today, Peter Hitchens is not only Christian (an active member of the Church of England), but is a moral and social conservative that often uses his weekly column, to blast political correctness and the degradation of religion and morality.

His latest book, The Rage Against God, is the topic of this week’s Fr. Barron commentary.

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