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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Convictions Over Party Politics...

I have been accused by a couple of co-workers of being sooo Republican.

I argue that I’m not so Republican; I’m pro-life and believe in traditional family values.

Now, given that the Democratic Party has made pro-choice (otherwise known as pro-abortion) a fundamental issue of their politics, then that would make me a Republican. (I was once a Democrat, which is not surprising considering the liberal indoctrination that students get from professors in universities, from the media and from the culture.  But as I tell people, I eventually grew out of it.)

However, I am disgusted and outraged with the GOP leadership today.

It appears party politics trumps the conservative values that the party says it represents.

In Delaware, the GOP leadership backed a “moderate” Republican. Michael Castle, a veteran politician, backs cap and trade and is pro-abortion. But, the Republican establishment backed him because they consider he was “more electable.”

Christine O'Donnell, a social conservative, shocked the political establishment with the biggest surprise of the night on Tuesday by defeating Castle with a grassroots campaign that got the support of the Tea Party Express, Sarah Palin and pro-life groups, among others.

The message was clear. Conservative voters are tired of the "more of the same" party politics and are looking to ruffle some feathers and get back to more conservative values that the Republican Party has been drifting away from in recent years.

However, not only did the Republican leadership back Castle and ran an aggressive campaign to discredit O'Donnell, now, to make matters worse, after she pulled off the stunning victory, they are refusing to help her campaign because they don’t think she can win. It’s like a child that didn’t get to do what they wanted to do and would rather throw a tantrum and spoil the fun for the other kids than do what they want to do.

But then again, these are the same GOP leaders, who originally backed Governor Charlie Crist, over the more conservative Marco Rubio, because they thought Crist was more electable (now the latest polls show Rubio ahead of Crist by as much as 16% and as low as 11% with 48 days before the general election).

Is that what party politics has come down to? Is it strictly about gaining or retaining power, regardless of whether a candidate believes in the values that the party promotes?

I’m a purist. I support orthodoxy in the Church and social conservatism in my party candidates.  

I would rather lose an election and stand by my convictions than win and have to compromise what I stand for. Am I being too idealistic?


Jorge Costales CPA said...

yes - when we lose too many elections we end up with Obamacare - besides it's too early to be outraged over the O'Donnell thing - if she's a good candidate and is close come late October, they will give her the bucks and she will take it - right now, The Rep money people are just telling here, 'hey, show me some skills first.'

Carlos Espinosa said...

The Gop has come to its senses and now says they will help her out...