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Friday, August 13, 2010

Fr. Barron comments on Anne Rice leaving Christianity...

As some of you may have read, Anne Rice the best selling author of the Lestat Vampire series, recently announced on her Facebook page that she is leaving Christianity (see story here) because, among other things, she disagrees with Christianity's view on homosexual marriages, as well as the Catholic Church's teachings on artificial birth control and priest sex scandal.

As more and more Americans reject organized religion, the story has prompted a whirlwind of controversy in the media and on blogs.

What strikes me most about this story is the sense of self-governed righteousness. We, as Americans, have become so ingrained with a mentality of individualism that we "choose" to believe and be part of faith, according to our personal perspective.

It’s not a matter of what God wants; faith today has become a matter of what I want. I choose what is right and wrong, according to my conscience.

Putting aside what the correct formation of conscience is, I would argue that the root cause of this evolving “I believe in God in my own way” phenomenon (of which I myself was part of) is a distorted understanding of the authority of God.

God has become whatever we want Him to be.

This is a great commentary by Fr. Robert Baron giving his perspective on Rice’s defection.

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