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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Disciplining Our Children...

“Manuela!!! You’re sandals are in the living room again!!!”

“Emilia!!! Pick up the mess in the room!!!”

“Nico!!! Stop taking off your clothes!!!”

It seems these are unending reprimands that my wife and I have to continuously give our children along with: “brush your teeth,” “stop bothering your sister,” “sit up straight at dinner,” “don’t take that toy from your brother,” etc., etc., etc.

Our life with three small children is challenging and wearing on our patience.

Why do we have to keep reprimanding our kids for the same things over and over?

I was contemplating this during prayer before going to sleep one night; asking God to help me be a better husband and father so that I can get through to them. Why can’t they get it? Why are they not listening to my wife and me? What are we doing wrong? Are we failing them?

Then, it dawned on me.

I had just gone to Confession a few days before and my sins were very similar to the sins I had confessed three weeks before, which were similar to the ones the month before. While I may add and subtract here and there from Confession to Confession, and hopefully improve in certain areas, I repeatedly fall into similar patterns and faults.

Wow… Does God get tired of saying, “Carlos!!! How many times do I have to tell you to stop being lazy and attend to the needs of your family?” “Carlos!!! You’re being selfish again!!!” “Carlos!!! Stop eating, you’re full!!!” “Carlos!!! Patience!!! Those little angels I put in your care are mine!!!”

The thought sent chills down the back of my spine and gave me some perspective on the faults I continuously have to ride my children about.  Are they any worse than mine?

Fortunately, God doesn’t lose His patience like me….

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